Registration Procedure

A society seeking registration must make an application to the Registrar of Societies for reservation of their proposed name/s. (up-to 3 name suggestions)

  • This application is done by way of a letter addressed to the Registrar of Societies.

This form contains a summary of the key information about the society and its officials.

These details include:-

  • The name of the Society
  • The objects
  • Class of persons seeking membership
  • Number of members
  • Titles of the officials
  • Details of proposed officials
  • Movable properties owned by the societies

Affiliations to the society

This Form provides for the particulars of the physical office and the postal address of the society.

Both the FORM A and FORM B must be signed by three main officials of the society who are the Chairperson , Secretary and Treasurer.

Specimen of the FORM A, FORM B and a pro type constitution can be accessed HERE

  • The constitution of a society is the constitutive document that contains the objectives, rules and procedure that will govern the society to achieve its set objectives.
  • The constitution must therefore be drafted to conform with the legal provisions of the Societies Act, Cap 108 and the Societies Rules.
  • The Registrar may where he deems fit and depending on the nature and objects of any society request for additional documents to accompany the other registration documents.