The Legal Affairs Division is a division under Department of Justice in the Office of the Attorney General and Department of Justice. The Division is headed by Director, Legal Affairs. The Division is further sub [...]

Department of Justice, Governance and Legal Policy Section

The Sessional Paper on Policy and Action Plan on Human Rights Sessional paper on policy and action plan on human rights NAP presentation Kenya UNCAC Review Report Executive summary - 24-09-2015 Kenya UNCAC Review Report - [...]

Administration Department

This comprises of: Accounts Department Administration General Department Central Planning and Project Monitoring Unit Finance Department HRD Department Human Resource Management Department ICT Department Internal Audit Department Public Affairs and Communications Department Records Management Department [...]

Registrar of Marriages

The following documents are required to register for marriage in Kenya. MARRIAGE BETWEEN KENYANS Copies of identification cards and colored passport size photos (for both parties) and Kshs 600. NB* this will be for the [...]

Department of Justice

In 2007, The Government of Kenya, through the defunct Ministry of Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs, now the Department of Justice in State Law Office established the National Legal Aid and Awareness Programme, NALEAP. [...]

Civil Litigation Division

The Division will have the following functions and responsibilities: 1. Provide legal advice to all MDAs and state corporations in all civil and constitutional matters 2. To conduct of civil and constitutional cases instituted by [...]

Government Transaction Division

The Division will have the following functions and responsibilities: 1. To provide legal advice to the Government in negotiation, drafting, and vetting local and international contracts, Memorandum of Understanding and other business memorandum involving the [...]

Legal Advisory & Research Division

The Division undertakes the following functions and responsibilities: Undertake interpretation of Constitution and the subsidiary legislation for and on behalf of the Government Ministries, Commissions, Departments and State Corporations; Undertaking research for Government Ministries, Commissions, [...]

Public Trustee (Administrator General) Division

ADMINISTRATOR GENERAL’S DIVISION Introduction The Office of the Public Trustee is established under the Public Trustee Act (Chapter 168 Laws of Kenya) which was enacted in 1925. It operates within the organizational framework of the [...]

Legislative Drafting Division

Legislative Drafting Division The Division will have the following functions and responsibilities: 1. Drafting Government sponsored Bills, Subsidiary Legislation, Legal Notices; 2. To study proposals and consult Ministries, Departments, Agencies, public and other government institutions [...]

Advocates Complaints Commission

Advocates Complaints Commission The Division is tasked with the following mandate: The Commission is responsible for: 1. Investigating Complaints Against Advocates; 2. Undertaking reconciliation of the parties; 3. Referral of complaints to the Disciplinary Committee; [...]

Registrar General Division

The Division will have the following functions and responsibilities:  Registration of Business Names and Companies. Registration of Limited Liability Partnerships. Registration of Debentures and Charges created under the Companies Act. Registration of Chattel Mortgages. [...]

International Law

The International Law Division is one among the nine divisions of the OAG&DOJ and is further designated as the Registry of Treaties under the Treaty Making and Ratification Act. The division is charged with the [...]