The Victim Protection Board

The Victim Protection Board is established by Section 31 of the Victim Protection Act, 2014.

The Act was enacted to give effect to Article 50 (9) of the Constitution. The Act provides for the protection of victims of crime and for reparation, compensation, special protection for vulnerable victims and the development of a mechanisms for dissemination of information and provision of victim support services.

Victims Protections Services
  • Who is a victim?
    • A person who suffers injury, loss or damage as a result of an offence. (The Act does not cover Victims of historical injustices)
  • We offer special protection for vulnerable victims and support services;
  • We are legally mandated to disburse compensation claims as a result of crimes or offences;
  • Rehabilitation of victims of crime;
  • Who qualifies for our services?
    • A court must give an order of compensation after the accused is found guilty before the victim protection board can compensate.