National Anti -Corruption Campaign Steering Committee

MANDATE: Undertake nationwide public education, sensitization and awareness creation campaign aimed at affecting fundamental changes in the attitudes, behavior, practices and culture of Kenyans towards corruption

MISSION: Create public awareness on corruption to effect lasting change in the attitudes of Kenyan by conducting a comprehensive multi-sectoral campaign


  • Formulate policies and programmes on anti-corruption campaigns;
  • Provide advisory services on corruption reporting;
  • Conduct research advocacy programmes;
  • Create public awareness and sensitization on anti-corruption;
  • Develop a strategic framework for the nationwide campaign against corruption;
  • Develop anti-corruption campaign strategies and policies;
  • Identify and forge anti-corruption partnerships with stakeholders;
  • Monitor and evaluate progress of the campaigns;
  • Report publicly on the progress on the campaigns;
  • Mobilize resources for the campaign;
  • Monitor corruption in the utilization of devolved funds; and
  • Receive and respond to public complaints and petitions.