Electronic Service Delivery for Civil Litigation

Global trends have seen a shift towards the adoption of technology which the Civil Litigation Department has adopted in abide to enhance service delivery for its clients. The Department has made it possible to undertake electronic filing and service of court documents making service delivery much simpler, efficient and effective.

Civil Litigation request agencies and partners to use the listed email addresses for services in Nairobi and at our Regional offices;

  1. Nairobi – cl@ag.go.ke;
  2. Mombasa – cl.mombasa@ag.go.ke;
  3. Kisumu – cl.kisumu@ag.go.ke;
  4. Eldoret – cl.eldoret@ag.go.ke;
  5. Meru – cl.meru@ag.go.ke;
  6. Nyeri – cl.nyeri@ag.go.ke;
  7. Kisii – cl.kisii@ag.go.ke;
  8. Malindi – cl.malindi@ag.go.ke;
  9. Kakamega – cl.kakamega@ag.go.ke;
  10. Embu – cl.embu@ag.go.ke;