Legislative Drafting Division

The Division will have the following functions and responsibilities:
1. Drafting Government sponsored Bills, Subsidiary Legislation, Legal Notices;
2. To study proposals and consult Ministries, Departments, Agencies, public and other government institutions which requires to undertake legislative measures;
3. Consult legal experts and practitioners within the public and private sphere on any and all aspects of legislation under review or development;
4. Coordinate research on relevant legislation and propose consequential amendments;
5. Advise in respect of legislative drafting issues;
6. Support the Attorney General in the presentations of new laws and amendments to Parliament;
7. Preparing vellum copies for assessment and subsequent publication of Acts in the Gazette; 8. Monitor and track bills under debate in parliament and county assemblies and bring to the attention of the Attorney General for review, legal opinion and contribution as appropriate;
9. Engage with parliament on continuous basis with regards to legislative proposals and requests;
10. Prepare all legislations and subsidiary legislations to be submitted to the Government Printer for publication; and
11. Publishing the legislative supplements of the Kenya Gazette in consultation with the Government Printer.