The Division undertakes the following functions and responsibilities:

  1. Undertake interpretation of Constitution and the subsidiary legislation for and on behalf of the Government Ministries, Commissions, Departments and State Corporations;
  2. Undertaking research for Government Ministries, Commissions, Departments and State Corporations on various problems encountered in the implementation of the Constitution and the laws.
  3. Coordinate capacity building in research and knowledge management
  4. Oversee library and research facilities:
    • Stock the library with adequate research facilities, materials and informative literatures;
    • Equip the library with statutes and constitutions;
    • Store law reports;
    • Store periodical law publications;
    • Store law journals;
    • Maintain the law library in conformity with international standards;
    • Maintain a register of all reference material;
    • Facilitate loaning of reference materials;
    • Establish a system of exchange of legislation and constitutional works from other commonwealth jurisdictions; and
    • Procure legal publications.
    • Coordinate the pupillage program;
  5. Coordinate legal officers deployed to MDAs, develop practice and reporting guidelines;
  6. Conduct research in all legal fields;
  7. Inform divisions and regional offices of current legal development on various fields in the commonwealth and other jurisdictions;
  8. Undertake background research for speeches, cabinet papers and other topical papers on legal aspect;
  9. Conduct research on international treaty matters, government contracts, civil litigation, and legislation to support the other divisions at Office of Attorney General and Department of Justice.