Bio Data

NAME: Hon. Justin B. N. Muturi E.G.H
DATE OF BIRTH: 28th April 1956
RELIGION: Christian

Education Background

1. 1982: Kenya School of Law (Post Graduate Diploma in Law);
2. 1981: University of Nairobi, Bachelor of Laws (LLB);
3. 1977: Kangaru High School, Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education (KACE);
4. 1975: Kangaru High School, Kenya Certificate of Education (KCE);
5. 1971: Kanyuombora Primary School, Certificate of Primary Education (CPE).

Work Experience

1. November 2022- Present: Attorney General, Republic of Kenya
2. 2013- 2022: Speaker of the National Assembly and Chair, Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC)
Served in various capacities including but not limited to: President of the Africa Parliamentarians’ Network Against Corruption in Ghana (2018-2021); Member of the Expert Committee on Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) Status Representing Africa Region (Nominated by the CPA- Africa Region, Jan 2017 to 2022); President of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association – Africa Region (July 2014–August 2016); Member for East Africa to the Conference of the Speakers and Presiding Officers of Commonwealth Parliaments (CSPOC) (Feb 2014-2016); Chairperson of the East Africa Community (EAC) Bureau of Speakers (2014-2015); and Chairperson of House Business Committee; Select Committee on Appointments and Committee on Powers and privileges (March 2013 to 2022).

3. 2011- 2013: Chairman of the Centre for Multi-Party Democracy
Instrumental in initiating reforms for the management of political parties in Kenya in the quest for promoting democracy;

4. 1999- 2007: Member of the National Assembly, Siakago Constituency, Embu County
Instrumental in the Constitutional Review process culminating in the adoption of the Constitution of Kenya 2010. Served as member of various committees including the House Business Committee (2003–2007); Select Committee on Constitutional Review, 1999–2004; Africa Parliamentarians Network against Corruption (APNAC); and Parliamentary Network on the World Bank.
Further served as Chair, Public Investments Committee (2003–2007) and Opposition Chief Whip (2003–2007).

5. 1983- 1997: Judiciary of Kenya
Served in the Judiciary for fifteen (15) years before retiring as Principal Magistrate at the Nairobi Law Courts. Also served as the Chairperson of the Kenya Judges and Magistrates Association.

Significant Achievements / Contributions

1. African Parliamentarians Network Against Corruption (APNAC) and Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC), 2018;
As the President of the Board of the African Parliamentarians Network Against Corruption (APNAC), steered the organization in its advocacy for strong parliamentary oversight for the detection, exposure and prevention of corruption across the continent.
APNAC was able to exercise its objectives of fighting corruption and promoting good governance by, inter alia –

  • Capacity-building of parliamentarians to exercise oversight roles, especially on financial matters,
  • Information sharing on best anti-corruption strategies and practices, and
  • Conducting joint anti-corruption programmes with other civil society organizations.

2. The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA), 2018;
As the Chairperson of the Executive Committee of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (Africa Region) coordinated the hosting of the 2021 Inaugural Commonwealth Parliamentarians with Disabilities Conference which sought to mainstream disability matters into the legislative business of parliaments.
Recognizing my great knowledge on constitutional and legislative affairs, I was nominated as the Africa representative on the CPA International Working Group on the Legal Status of the CPA whose objective was to change the legal status of the CPA from a charitable society to an international organisation.

3. Rulings
As Speaker, issued key rulings and guidelines to the National Assembly to ensure full implementation of the constitutional mandate of the House. These rulings and guidelines included but are not limited to: –

  1. The place of Independent Members of Parliament and Small Parties in Committees of the House;
  2. The Manner of considering Statutory Instruments;
  3. On the relations between the Executive and the Legislature and the manner of considering censure motions against State Officers;
  4. Financial Procedure including the place of recommendations of Departmental Committees in the Reports of Budget and Appropriations Committee on the National Budget Estimates;
  5. On the consideration of Presidential Memoranda on Bills including joint-consideration with the Senate;
  6. Manner of considering reports submitted to Parliament by Constitutional Commissions and Independent Offices.

4. Paperless Parliament: Coordinated the development and implementation of the eParl system which allows members to access, at the touch of a button, all legislative tools including Bills, Committee Reports, Order Papers, Legislative Trackers (Bills, Motions, Questions, etc).

5. Infrastructure: As Chairperson of the Parliamentary Service Commission coordinated the construction of additional office facilities which were
completed and opened in 2017. A new Parliament building is currently on its final stage of construction. It will provide state of the art committee meeting rooms and additional office facilities.

6. Increased Committee efficiency: As Speaker of the National Assembly, oversaw the splitting of House Committees for greater specialization and efficiency in undertaking the oversight role of Parliament. New committees for the Public Investments Committee include:–

  1. Governance and Education;
  2. Commercial Affairs and Energy; and
  3. Social Services, Administration and Agriculture.

Other specialized committees established include:-

  1. Decentralized Funds Accounts Committee to specifically deal with NGCDF and NGAAF Funds;
  2. Public Debt and Privatisation Committee to deal with oversight of public debt and guarantees;
  3. Public Petitions Committee: established in recognition of the right to petition under Article 37 and 119 of the Constitution to address the backlog experienced in Departmental committees with respect to public petitions;
  4. Diaspora and Migrant Workers Committee to consider matters relating to policies and programmes for the protection of the rights and welfare of Kenyans in diaspora.

Other Activities and Public Service Engagements:

Draws satisfaction in assisting community members access opportunities for employment and education opportunities while coordinating support for community-driven projects.

Interests: Reading with passion especially legal materials, swimming, listening to old school music, community service and watching sports.
Professional Membership:

  1. Law Society of Kenya
  2. Commonwealth Lawyers Association
  3. International Bar Association.