Best Fat Burner: Top 5 Weight Loss Supplements & Fat Burning Pills of 2022

Best Fat Burner: Top 5 Weight Loss Supplements & Fat Burning Pills of 2022

Losing weight is challenging. Following a strict diet and exercising regularly is not sufficient for everyone hoping to lose weight.

Numerous diet plans, workout routines, and fitness regimes are out there to burn fat and lose weight. Though these programs assist you towards your goal, the results are not exactly as the programs promise. Moreover, they may not always be consistent and long-lasting. 

Luckily, there are best fat burners that enable you to reach your weight loss goal. The market is brimming with these fat burning supplements. However, choosing the appropriate supplement that aids in your weight loss journey is a task in itself. 

We have reviewed three of the best fat burner products available in the market that facilitate shedding the extra pounds quickly and safely. 

Top 3 Fat Burners on the Market:

  1. PhenQ – Best Fat Burner Overall
  2. Instant Knockout – Best Thermogenic Fat Burner For Men
  3. Trimtone – Best Fat Burner for Women

#1. PhenQ – Overall Best Fat Burner

Brand Overview

The fat burner supplement, PhenQ is made by the company, Wolfson Berg. PhenQ employs five mechanisms, namely, suppressing your appetite to ensure you eat less, preventing the absorption of fats to avoid putting on weight, enhancing energy levels, burning stored fat to revert to a fit body and, improving your mood to facilitate weight loss. 

The ingredients in the supplement are all-natural and the product is manufactured in the US and UK at FDA and GMP approved facilities. The combination and quantity of ingredients are ideal for overall weight loss and are effective for both women and men to lose weight. One capsule is packed with the power of numerous fat burner supplements. The company claims the unique blend is backed by science and has been developed after a significant amount of research. 

PhenQ offers a 60-day money-back guarantee and the online store hosts bulk discounts. The fact that the ingredients are vegetarian, and vegan makes the product even more appealing to a larger set of people. It is one of the best and high-quality fat burners in the market today, even ranked on top by big publications.


  • Weight loss is achieved through the supplement’s five key mechanisms.
  • The product is an all-natural fat burner without any harmful side effects.
  • Along with improved metabolism and proven weight loss, there is mood improvement and increased energy.
  • This fat burner is backed by science.
  • It is one of the best top rated fat burner supplements by Men’s Journal
  • There is a 60-day money-back guarantee program and the company also offer free shipping
  • It works for women and men
  • The product is made in an FDA and GMP-approved facility.


  • Product and offers are available only through the official website
  • Since it has caffeine, it may not suit people who do not prefer caffeine. Also, when there is caffeine, it limits when you can take the pill so that sleep is not affected.

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  • Chromium Picolinate

A natural component available in vegetables, meat, and whole grains, chromium picolinate encourages weight loss through the process of managing blood sugar. Chromium enables cells to take in more sugar from the food that can be used for energy. 

Any cravings for sugars and carbs are thus kept at bay. Else, the extra carbs and fats get stored in the body. One such study is indicative of chromium’s role in regulating appetite and managing carbohydrate craving.

  • Capsimax Powder

A combination of capsicum, piperine, niacin (vitamin B3), and caffeine, capsimax powder aids in weight loss utilizing the fat burning capability of the components. Metabolism is improved due to the strong thermogenic characteristics of piperine (black pepper) and capsicum pepper. 

The body heat is increased enabling you to cut down weight. In addition to the aforementioned fat burning, it is believed that piperine may be able to prevent new fat cells from forming. Studies have backed the claim that capsinoids, the component in peppers, helps with weight management.

  • Caffeine

Tea and coffee possess this stimulant called caffeine, which helps with weight loss through thermogenesis and also via enhancing lipolysis. The conversion of fats to fatty acids is referred to as lipolysis. The fatty acids, in turn, are adopted for the production of energy. 

By way of increasing the temperature of the body and also through fats breakdown, BMI is reduced, body fat is lowered, and weight can be decreased. Enhanced endurance and resistance to fatigue are the outcomes of caffeine consumption, thus enabling you to follow an exercise routine diligently, which contributes to weight loss.

  • Nopal 

The Nopal cactus is rich in fiber that helps you control hunger. The fiber attaches itself to the body fat and gets excreted, preventing the body from absorbing fat. There are also numerous amino acids in Nopal, which generate needed energy. 

Fluid retention can be avoided by this ingredient, as it facilitates extracting water from tissues and introducing it into the bloodstream; thus, any unnecessary weight is reduced.

  • L-Carnitine Fumearate

This naturally produced amino acid, L-carnitine, is present in nuts, green vegetables, and red meat and aids in burning fat. The stored fat is converted to energy. This way you have additional energy, and the ingredient helps the body to get rid of fat. 

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Is It Really effective?

PhenQ is widely used due to the unique blend of components. Furthermore, it is not just the combination, but the fact that each ingredient individually is known to assist with weight loss. This is what makes the product popular in the fat burner industry.

Utilizing appetite suppression and curbing fat absorption, the supplement helps you reduce body fat. Additionally, the mood-improving benefit of the supplement pushes you to abide by any diet plans and exercise routines, which in turn, helps reduce weight. 

#2. Instant Knockout – Best Thermogenic Fat Burner For Men

Brand Overview

In case you have been having trouble reducing weight and getting rid of fat despite diet plans and workouts, Instant Knockout is bound to help you. It is a thermogenic fat burner created for boxers and MMA fighters. Now that it is available for everyone, you can burn away the fat just like the professional fighters. 

The ingredients are present in concentrations that make them effective fat burners. Fat metabolism is enabled by the components that lead to weight reduction. It is manufactured in GMP and FDA-approved facilities located in the UK and the US. The product is created after thorough research particularly for weight loss. 

The company recommends taking 4 pills in one day, spaced out at different times of the day, ideally before meals. The dosage is such that fat keeps burning all day irrespective of whether you are in motion, at rest, or working out.


  • The ingredients are specifically designed for helping with quick weight loss
  • One of the best fat burning supplements on the market voted by big publications
  • The dosage is recommended such that fat burning goes on all day, even while you are at rest.
  • Energy is increased, permitting you to work out for an extended period of time with the same intensity. Thus, enhancing fat burning.
  • Fat absorption is reduced and also stored fat is used up as energy when this fat burner is taken consistently.
  • Craving is minimized. In turn, weight gain is checked.
  • Works for women and men
  • There are no extra shipping charges.


  • Four capsules need to be taken daily, which means you need to create a plan not to forget even a single capsule.
  • Caffeine content is high. Not everyone prefers caffeine. 
  • The product is not vegetarian or vegan 

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  • Green Tea Extract 500mg

Green Tea extract has been used in Asian countries for fat burning and the various benefits it offers. Since it has caffeine, energy levels are enhanced. Also, the antioxidant properties cleanse the gut, and the polyphenols limit the absorption of fat.

  • Glucomannan 1800mg

This ingredient is known to suppress your appetite and reduce cravings. The molecules in the ingredients have the ability to make you feel full and thus you will not feel hungry and with intake limited to required levels, you can be certain of not gaining additional weight and using stored fat. Some studies support it.

  • Caffeine Anhydrous 300mg

There is a tendency to feel lethargic when you are limiting your food intake and working towards losing weight. This ingredient is basically a dehydrated caffeine powder that boosts your energy levels and enables you to stay focused on the fitness regime you are following. 

  • Cayenne Pepper Powder 100mg

This ingredient enhances metabolism through an increase in body temperature. There is a capsaicin present in it that is thermogenic, enabling the process of fat burning. The resulting fat oxidation also increases energy.

  • GTF Chromium 100mcg

This ingredient is essential for the body in very small amounts as it helps to increase metabolism. Though in extremely small quantities, it is a very important substance for the body which is generally overlooked. 

Chromium is a useful nutrient for maintaining normal glucose. The deficiency of chromium causes insulin resistance. The fact that it aids in metabolism, facilitates weight management.

  • Green Coffee 100mg

It helps reduce the buildup of cholesterol in the body. It limits fat absorption. Green coffee is known to be very effective in providing you the energy for following diet plans and exercising regularly. The antioxidant properties of green coffee help cleanse the body. 

  • Vitamin B6 5mg

Vitamins are required for improving metabolism. Calories can be used up well by the body when vitamins are at needed levels in the body. Vitamin B6 specifically is known to help with metabolism and thus limit the intake of carbs and fats. 

  • Vitamin B12 10mcg

It enables transforming calories consumed into energy. With this additional strength, you feel motivated and pursue your weight loss scheme diligently. Muscle mass development through proteins is enabled by vitamin B12 which helps use up the excess or stored fat.

  • Piperine 10mg

It is a major component of black pepper. This bioactive component helps with digestion, prevents absorption of fat, and enhances energy levels. Piperine has thermogenic effects that help burn fat easily. It also slows down the formation of new fat cells. 

  • Zinc 10mg

Zinc aids in managing glucose in the blood. Insulin resistance is lowered. Zinc as a supplement helps maintain body weight and BMI by way of appetite suppression. The element, zinc, is also essential for the proper functioning of the immune system. 

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Is It Really effective? 

Thermogenic fat burners have specific ingredients that increase metabolism. A faster metabolism is equivalent to lower storage of fat. The formula helps burn fat that is hard to lose. The safe, natural substances in Instant Knockout let you achieve results relatively quickly.

There are ingredients in Instant Knockout that manage to limit your appetite while also facilitating the body to produce needed energy as the stored fat gets used as energy. 

Caffeine present in the supplement keeps you from becoming lethargic while you follow the plan you have made for reaching the target weight. Gradually your goal feels achievable as you stick to the recommended dosage.

#3. Trimtone – Best Fat Burner for Women

Brand Overview

Trimtone is a fat burner specifically designed for women. Swiss Research Labs manufactures the product. It is an organic fat burner for women made in the US, without any known side effects. The company is known to manufacture effective supplements. 

The maker recommends taking just one capsule with water in the morning, even before the first meal of the day. The formula was designed considering aspects relevant to weight loss in women the entire day propelling your body to burn fat. 

The all-natural product helps enhance metabolism, keeps tabs on appetite, and works using the thermogenesis process. You will experience rapid fat burning without any drop in your energy levels. 

When coupled with the right diet and regular exercise, the product is very effective. Integrate it into your routine for benefits that also include maintaining blood sugar levels. 


  • Speeds up metabolism that promotes the fat burning process
  • Appetite suppression is possible with the supplement, so you are better prepared to avoid overeating.
  • Weight gain can be minimized as fat absorption is reduced. Less fat gets stored in the body.
  • Maintaining a reduced weight for an extended period of time is another advantage of this supplement. 
  • Energy levels are higher, enabling you to stick to workout plans.
  • Blood sugar can be maintained.
  • The 100-day refund policy by the company is longer than what most companies offer. 


  • There is caffeine in Trimtone. Though it is present in relatively small quantities, some people do not wish to consume caffeine.
  • Vegetarians and Vegans may not prefer the product as the capsule has gelatin

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  • Grains of Paradise

It has the ability to activate BAT or the brown adipose tissue, and thus, permits your body to burn calories easily. Activating the tissue regulates blood sugar and energy, such that you do not experience hunger pangs. Also, insulin sensitivity is improved with the tissue getting activated. 

The thermogenic property boosts metabolism and burns calories. Insulin sensitivity is improved with this ingredient. 

  • Green Coffee

It has relatively less caffeine and the antioxidant property of the ingredients helps with weight reduction. Fat absorption is reduced. Thus, additional fat does not get settled in the body. The metabolism rate is also improved with this ingredient. 

  • Caffeine 

It is a stimulant and so you feel energetic to carry on with your fitness regime without any sluggishness. With improved metabolism, the supplement is working all the time to enable burning fat. 

  • Green Tea Extract

It has antioxidants that prevent fat from getting absorbed by the body. The food you eat does not get stored in the body in the form of fats. This ensures that you do not gain weight. The antioxidant catechin in green tea extract plays a major role in the process. 

The compounds in green tea increase metabolism and hormone levels, enabling the breakdown of fats. Research indicates that green tea decreases the absorption of starch or carbohydrates. 

Green tea extract has beneficial effects for overall health in addition to supporting weight loss when it is consumed regularly.

  • Glucomannan

This ingredient is a dietary fiber that keeps you full for a long time. Cravings can be kept at bay with glucomannan. Trimtone has the right amount of glucomannan that is effective, yet gentle on the stomach.  

⇒ Click Here to learn more about the Ingredients of Trimtone

Is This Fat Burner Really Effective? 

Fat burning is possible through the regular use of trimtone, which works in various ways to aid in losing weight. Trimtone has ingredients that are rich in fiber that enables suppressing appetite. You will not seek snacks as frequently as you might have done before starting the supplement.

Fat metabolism is improved with the help of Trimtone. You will not need to limit your food intake excessively while taking the supplement. Eating a regular diet with some amount of carbohydrates and fats does not make it difficult for the fat burner supplement to work effectively. 

Nevertheless, maintaining good eating habits and doing regular exercise helps maintain the reduced weight. Trimtone has comparatively less caffeine and the money-back program offered by the company assures a complete refund within 100 days of purchase, making the product more popular. 

Buying Guide For Fat Burner

Points to consider before purchasing a fat burner are highlighted below. These factors will guide you in the process of finalizing a specific product.

  • Constituents or Ingredients: The most important factor is the ingredients. Read the fat burner’s ingredients list to know what is included in the supplement. That clarifies how effective the product is when it comes to getting rid of body fat. Additionally, it is not enough if the ingredient is mentioned in the list. Check to see if the dosage is suitable for the product to be effective. Another aspect that needs attention with regards to ingredients is, whether there are artificial ingredients that may have adverse effects. Also, talk to a healthcare professional to rule out if any substance in the supplement may cause a reaction for you.

  • Type: Each fat burner has a different approach to burning calories. In other words, depending on your lifestyle or how much weight you would like to lose, you can identify the most effective supplement. The various types available include appetite suppressants, thermogenic fat burner supplements, fat blockers, and stimulant-free ones. 

  • Appetite Suppressants – These are designed to prevent you from eating more than what is required for the body to function efficiently. They ensure you feel full for an extended period of time and avoid giving in to your cravings.
  • Fat Blockers – These ensure that fat is not absorbed into the body. Any additional fat gets excreted. Thus, the name fat blocker. 
  • Thermogenic Fat Burners – These fat burners aid in generating more body heat. The way it works is that the fat is utilized or burned to produce heat, thus, assisting with weight loss.
  •  Fat Burners without stimulants – These ensure fat burning through a fat blocking approach and also suppressing appetite without including caffeine or any other stimulant as an ingredient in the supplement.  
  • Cost: This is a factor most people consider when purchasing just about anything. When it comes to fat burners, there are products in various price ranges from different brands. Additionally, price is dependent on factors such as ingredients and the number of pills in each bottle. Bulk orders come attached with some good discounts. Once you decide on a product or tried it and are satisfied, buy in bulk to get the discounts offered by the company. 
  • Form: Fat burners are available as pills, powders, or teas. You can choose your preferred form. A capsule may be convenient for some as it is more of an on-the-go form of the fat burner, while others may prefer teas and powders. 

How Do Fat Burners Work? 

Fat Burners are designed or formulated to enable losing weight by employing numerous kinds of methods. 

Some of the methods are:

  • Increasing the rate of metabolism
  • Appetite Suppression
  • Facilitating Thermogenesis 
  • Improving energy levels
  • Burning excess fat
  • Aiding important hormones to function effectively

The aforementioned methods enable you to lose weight. Nevertheless, the expected outcome is not possible unless you support it with a healthy lifestyle that encompasses a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Eating excessively and allowing more fat into the body, without expending any energy, makes it difficult for the supplement to burn fat quickly. The pills have powerful components that work together to burn fat and reduce weight. 

The best fat burners boost metabolism, aid in burning fat, and let you sleep well. All these factors are essential for losing weight and also to maintain reduced weight. 

Each fat burner supplement has a different approach. Some are made of components that utilize all the methods, while others may utilize just one weight loss mechanism. The ones that are formulated to use more mechanisms are more efficient. They enable experiencing results sooner as the supplement is working from all angles. 

Who Should Use Fat Burners?

If you are struggling with various weight loss schemes involving diet plans and exercise routines, and yet do not see any results, then the fat burners will likely help you get rid of the extra pounds. 

When compared to most programs, fat burners have proven results of weight loss and also the ability to keep the pounds away for a long time. Metabolism rate is improved, energy levels witness a surge and the body burns fat quickly. 

Craving can be managed so that you do not consume too many sugary items. A strict diet or controlled diet stays consistent. With the surge in energy levels, you can indulge in more physical activities that yield positive weight loss results. 

Fat burners can be used by women and men. Some fat burners are made with ingredients that facilitate weight loss in a particular gender. The formulation and dosages are more suitable for one gender, such as ingredients that support specific hormones. A few are gender-specific while most are suitable for both genders. 

Some fat burners have constituents that help fall asleep by calming the mind and supporting sleep hormones. It has been observed that lack of sleep also contributes to a person’s inability to lose weight, despite strict diets and exercises. 

A Fat burner can be used by anyone eager to get rid of extra fat or who would like to bring the weight to numbers that are ideal for a certain height and weight to keep ailments at bay. Sportspersons can use the best fat burner and so can anyone. 

How to Use Fat Burners To Experience Maximum Benefits?

Fat Burners should always be viewed as a support system to the efforts you are putting in to reduce weight or the discipline you have introduced into the lifestyle by way of eating healthy and being active. 

These supplements can yield results faster and consistently if you make sure to follow some steps that support the functioning of the fat burners.

Take Advice from A Doctor

There are a plethora of products in the market, claiming to be the best fat burner. You need to choose the safe one, in addition to being effective. 

Furthermore, the fat burner that works for one person, may not suit everyone as each body reacts differently to the ingredients present in the supplement, though the ingredients are sourced from natural elements. Some may have reactions to certain ingredients too. Your doctor or any healthcare professional can guide you with this aspect. 

Additionally, the medical practitioner may also suggest an appropriate diet and a workout plan to go with the supplement for quick, positive results. 

Put Together A Plan for Weight Loss

Your weight loss scheme should not be about popping a pill or consuming the fat burner in any other form and ignoring all other factors. A detailed plan will be extremely useful. Record what you consume, what time you take the supplement, and if that is making a difference and finally, monitor the overall progress. 

To begin with, remember to take the fat burner as recommended by the company. This information is available on the package of the supplement and can also be found on the official website. Companies arrive at dosage information after a lot of research. Thus, it is advisable to follow the instructions. 

Depending on the kind of supplement you have opted for, diet and exercise should be chosen so it complements the supplement and aids in losing weight. 

Supplements that are referred to as energy-boosting ones should be taken before physical activities so you can work out for a long time, enabling the fat-burning process. If it is an appetite-suppressant, and if the instructions do not say only in the morning, try taking them after a meal, so you feel full till it is time for the next meal and avoid consuming unhealthy snacks. 

Consume Healthy Meal 

The diet plan you are following should be one that is balanced, covering all nutrients. Incorporate the right amounts of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins for the best results. 

A nourished body permits you to adhere to your plans for an extended period of time. The effectiveness of the product can be enhanced when your body absorbs the ingredients, and they serve the purpose. 

Taking a fat burner does not mean you do not limit your intake of sugars and calories. Reaching your target weight may get delayed significantly if you do not keep tabs on sugars and carbs. Make sure you are getting a sufficient amount of minerals, vitamins, and also water.

Are There Any Side Effects of Using Fat Burners? 

Not every fat burner in the market is safe. Choosing 100% natural products reduces the possibility of any harmful effects. 

With artificial ingredients out of the way, it is easier to choose a product. The natural substances are mostly constituents that have benefits other than facilitating weight loss such as antioxidant properties, immune-boosting capabilities, gut cleansing, and many more that may help with your overall health. 

Nevertheless, always check the ingredients to see if you are allergic to any of the elements. Avoid stimulants such as caffeine if they may interact with other supplements or medication you may be taking. Check for additives too. 

Pregnant women and also nursing mothers must refrain from taking fat burners. 

In case you have a medical condition and are taking medications, check with your doctor before you start taking a fat burner. 

FAQs About Fat Burners

Q. What is the duration of taking fat burners?

Set a goal and take the fat burner till you reach the goal, while also following healthy eating habits and exercising. It is recommended to take the fat burners for 1 to 2 months, take a break and continue the sequence of taking the supplement and following it up with a break to make sure your body does not become resistant to it.

Q. With a fat burner, how much weight loss can I expect? 

Factors that impact your weight loss plan are your body type or physiology, the exercise routine you are following, the diet you are taking, and also the fat burner you have chosen.

Results will differ for every individual. Some may notice a positive outcome sooner than others. 

Q. Should I maintain a diet and follow a workout routine with the fat burner?

A healthy diet and exercise are essential for losing weight. Fat burner supplements support the body in the journey to weight reduction. They are not designed to instantly reduce weight or burn fat. 

Conclusion: Which Fat Burner Should You Go For?

We have reviewed 3 of the best fat burners considering various criteria. These are 100% natural products without any major side effects. If you are on the lookout for fat burners, check out PhenQ, Instant Knockout, and Trimtone that people have successfully adopted. However, PhenQ is clearly our favorite pick as the best fat burner.

Remember to stick to the dosages recommended by the company for the best results. Overdose may cause inconvenience and is good to avoid to ensure safety. 

You can drop the extra pounds and the stubborn fat that won’t go away with exercise and diet plans, with the help of fat burners. 

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