27th April 2017, by Department of Public Communications.

The Government of Sri Lanka has pledged support to Kenya towards the National Legal Aid Services that was recently launched. The support will be through the Legal Aid Commission of Sri Lanka and is in the spirit of the Afro-Asian solidarity.

His Excellency Ambassador Chulpathmendra Dahanayake of Sri Lanka committed to continue supporting Kenya when he met the Attorney General Professor Githu Muigai today morning in Nairobi. The joint areas of cooperation will include provision of technical support as well as training of legal aid providers.

Professor Muigai observed that cordial relations between the two countries dated back to the early seventies and that both had shared histories.

“Sri Lanka has been a great friend to us since 1970 when you Government set up its first diplomatic mission in Africa. This is a show of the respect that your government has given us and we continue to cherish the same,” Muigai told the Ambassador.

Meanwhile Sri Lanka has confirmed attendance during the 56th Session of the Asian African Legal Consultative Organisation (AALCO) Conference scheduled to start on 2nd May at the Kenyatta International Convention Center.


Ambassador Chulpathmendra Dahanayake of Sri Lanka exchange books with Attorney General Githu Muigai today morning.



Ambassador Chulpathmendra Dahanayake of Sri Lanka receives a gift of Kenyan teas from Attorney General Githu Muigai.