Nairobi, 22 MARCH 2018, Department of Public Communications

The new Solicitor General, Kennedy Nyabuti Ogeto, yesterday met with senior staff of the Office of Attorney General and Department of Justice to familiarize himself with their mandates and operations on his first day on duty.

The 23 Heads of Department and eight Directors/Chief Executive Officers of Semi-Autonomous Government Agencies affiliated to OAG & DOJ briefed him of their respective mandates, successes and challenges encountered while undertaking their duties.

Solicitor General Kennedy Ogeto speaks at State Law Office.

Terming them as ‘some of the most brilliant legal minds he has ever encountered’ the Solicitor General was amazed at the different mandates and amount of work done at OAG & DOJ, confessing little was known of their operations by the common Kenyan.

He expressed delight at the opportunity to work closely with them to actualize their mandates and offer Kenyans improved service delivery. Saying he was eager to take up the challenge, Mr Ogeto pledged total support to all staff noting he was not going to re-invent the wheel but rather build on what was already being done.

Mr Ogeto who himself worked at the Office of Attorney General 26 years ago as a State Counsel, assured the Officers he would be fair but firm in his operations to help the Government achieve on its Big Four mandate.

Noting he has worked in the private sector for most of his career life, the Solicitor General said he was ready to learn from the Officers and together make a positive change in Kenya’s legal field. He also pledged support to the fight against corruption saying all Kenyans must augment the Government’s efforts in eradicating the vice.

Speaking during the same function, outgoing Solicitor General Njee Muturi praised the Officers for their dedication to service, terming them as ‘well versed in law’ and ‘highly professional in their work’. He advised Mr Ogeto to work closely with the Officers if he is to succeed as the Solicitor General.

Mr Muturi who was recently appointed Deputy Chief of Staff in the Office of the President, also called on the staff to accord the new Solicitor General all the support he requires to undertake his work, and pledged continued support from his new office.

Speaking on behalf of the staff, the Secretary of Justice MaryAnn Njau-Kimani, thanked outgoing Mr Muturi for always being available to Officers while working as the Solicitor General, and assured incoming Mr Ogeto of total support by all staff in delivering on his mandate.

Mr Muturi later officially handed over the instruments of authority to Mr Ogeto.