25th April 2018, by Department of Public Communication.

The Government of Kenya is committed to improving internet and cybercrime security to help curb terrorism in general. Attorney General Kihara Kariuki said today that Kenya would continually improve the legal and justice sector while promoting the exchange of information to deter the perpetuation of crime.

Speaking when he met received a delegation from the Israeli government; the Chief Legal Advisor acknowledged the long-standing, mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries in the legal and justice sector.

“Our governments have several Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) of cooperation and I thank the Israeli Government for its continued support in the fight against corruption, as well as supporting us as we strengthen our criminal investigations and prosecutions,” AG Kariuki stated.

The Israel Government delegation led by the Minister for Justice Ms Ayelet Shaked pledged support in dealing with incitement and cybercrime as a way of reducing radicalization and extremism.

“It has taken us more than ten years to reduce online incitement that contributed to global crime and terrorism. Kenya is our key partner and it is only right that we stand together in this fight,” Ms Shaked stated.

Kenya has in the past witnessed violent terror attacks and is struggling to address online incitement and radicalization.

The minister was accompanied by Israeli Deputy Ambassador to Kenya Mr. Michael Baror, the Head of Public Legal Defense Mr. Yoav Sapir and the Chief of Staff in her Ministry Mr. Yair Hirch.

Also present during the meeting included Ms Muthoni Kimani, Director of Asset Recovery Agency, Ms Mary Wairagu from the Department of Justice, Ms Freshia Githumbi of the National Legal Aid Service.